1) How do we book you as the Photographer for our wedding?

To book me for your wedding, we suggest popping into the studio with a pre-arranged appointment to discuss the date of your wedding your request, and your requirements.  At this point, we will go over the Wedding Photography contract together which you will receive a copy of to take home.


2) Do you work alone on the day or do you work in tandem with a second Photographer?

I sometimes work alongside a good friend of mine who is also a professional wedding photographer called Martin Johnson. If your wedding needs a second photographer Martin is my second photographer. Not all weddings need two photographers, this is something we will discuss with you when we sit down to discuss what you would like, etc. 


3) Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have full public liability cover. 


4) What do you think of guests taking photos on the day?

I welcome them taking photos as it gives me another unique opportunity to capture on your special day. 


5) What is your dress code on the wedding day?

I will be in a smart uniform grey shirt and smart trousers. 


6) I have been at weddings where the photographer took over. You won't do that, will you?

No I will not take over, when we are doing the posed shots I will lead this so that we can capture them correctly, however, I mainly try to blend in so that people don't realize they are being photographed. This means that you will have more natural images alongside the formal posed ones.  


7) How long will you be at the wedding to take photos on the day?

This will all depend on which of our wedding packages you choose. However, either way, I will be there as long as I am needed.

8) How much do you charge?

We have 2 main set wedding packages to choose from. The first is the Full day package which starts at the bridal prep and finishes after your first dance. (2 Photographers) This package costs £1395.

The other package is £295 for up to 2.5 hours of photography and £50 per hour thereafter if needed. 

9) Do we need to provide you with food on the day?

You don't have to.

Would I like to be fed? Yes, please if you are having a full-day wedding. This will help me to keep my energy level up so that I can capture the best images throughout.  I will not require you to place me at a table I am happy to have a plate and stand somewhere to quietly eat my food. 

10) What happens if you as the photographer fall ill on my wedding day?


11) How long does it take for us to be able to see the images you took on the day?

This will all depend on how busy the studio is with other jobs. On avaerage, if you have the full day package we would allow between 3-6 weeks before you are able to view them.  However, they may be able to view it before this. The studio will give you a call to book you in for an appointment to view these. 

12) How far do you travel to do wedding photography?

Typically I stay in the South West Wales area however, if you book well enough in advance I may be able to travel further for an additional fee.

13) Do you take images of details such as the dress and shoes and flowers?

Yes, I make sure that I capture the small details to help make your day even more memorable. 

14) What camera do you use?

I personally use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. 

15) Do we have to pay a deposit?

A deposit would be required to secure your booking. 

16) What makes you different from other Wedding Photographers?


17) Will you have any assistants with you aside from a possible 2nd photographer?

It is possible that I may have an assistant with me on the day however, this is not always the case. 

18) How do you ensure that my images are safe on the day?

On the day of your wedding I will back up the images taken to 2 different SD cards, when i get back to the studio they will be backed up to our External harddrive. 

19) What wedding Packages do you offer?

We have 2 main set wedding packages to choose from. The first being the Full day package which starts at the bridal prep and finishes after your first dance. (2 Photographers) This package costs £1395.

The other package is £295 for up to 2.5 hours of photography and £50 per hour there after if needed. 

20) Will all the images you take on the day be posed?

No I as the photographer like to capture a wider range of images than just the posed ones, this includes any images that you have requested and the more natural spur-of-the-moment image. 

21) Will our wedding images be available for online viewing?

No we prefer to arrange for you to select your images with us this means that if you see any changes you would like made that we can do this. 

22) How do you decide the best images to show us from the day?

I and the other member of staff will generally look over these images individually and make selections. This will be done over multiple occasions to make sure that we choose the very best images of your day to show you. (2 heads are better than 1)

23) Roughly how many images do you aim to show us from the images that you have taken?


24) Do you edit the images?

For the initial viewing of the images, we will do a small edit e.g. turning a select few to black and white, silhouetting the image.  Once you are happy with the images that we have selected we will do a full and more detailed edit. e.g. removing any pimples, scars, dry skin, removing people from the background if needed. 

25) Will we be shown the images in ONLY black and white OR color?

Images will be shown to you in both black and white and in color for you to choose from. 

26) Do you do wedding albums?

Yes we do.

27) Do you provide any additional services?

Yes, we can also provide bespoke framing services for any prints that you may have done.

28) How long have you been a professional wedding photographer?


29) What types of payment do you accept?

We accept, card, cash, PayPal, and bank transfers. 

30) Do you offer a payment plan option?


31) How long does it take to do the posed photographs?


32) Are there any images that you won't take on the day?


33) What information do you need from us before the day?


35) what are your provisions if it rains on the day?