1) What time do I need to come in on the day of my shoot?

We ask that all our clients involved in the photo session arrive between 10-15 minutes before their allotted time to fill in the paperwork and discuss options with the photographer.

2) Is there Parking?

Unfortunately, we do not have our own car park however, there is free parking behind Gorseinon library

3) Are pets allowed?

Yes as long as they are toilet trained.

4) When do I choose my images?

After the Photoshoot, we will arrange a time and date with you to come back in and choose your favorite images.  (Usually within a week.)

5) After I have chosen my images when will my order be completed?

We aim to have all orders completed with 10-14 working days after the viewing. We allow an extra 5 days for orders that also include frames. 

6) Do you do Baby passport photos?

 Yes we do passport or ID photos for all ages

7) Do you do viewings online?

We do not do online viewings as we prefer to have a more personal viewing with our clients where they can discuss any issues, changes they may wish to make. Doing the viewing this way means that we can also tailor our preset and individual deals to suit you.

8) Do you just have the white background or do you also offer other colors?

We do primarily use white however, we have a vast range of other colored backdrops if they suit your needs better. Including multiple different ones that we use specifically for children.

9) If I come into the studio on a Groupon or Woecher deal do I have to purchase images outside of this?

No there is no obligation to purchase unless previously stated yourselves by the photographer(s).

10) What props do you have for newborn and baby shoots?

 We have lots of different props that we like to use in baby and newborn photoshoots such as 

  • a Wicca basket, 
  • A chrome bathtub
  • A flower bed basket
  • A special beanbag that can be molded. 
  • Multiple different sensory blankets
  • A chalkboard that we can put the baby's name, date of birth, and weight at birth on. 

11) What days are your main shoot days? Do you do shoots every day?

Our main photoshoot days are Thursdays for baby shoots as this is one of our quietest days so we can allow longer if needed for the baby to be fed etc. However, if you are looking for sleepy shots we can be quite flexible with this. 

12) Can my partner/ mother come with me to help get smiles?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring whomever you like with you to help aid us in getting smiley shots. 

13) Is there a toilet and changing area that customers can use?

We do have a toilet available to our clients, we also have a small nappy changing area. 

14) What if my baby is unwell on the day of their shoot?

We understand that babies can become ill quite quickly and may not be quite themselves when it comes to things like teething. If a situation like this arises please let us know as soon as you are able that you will be unable to attend and we would more than happy to rearrange this for you. 

15) I really like the newborn sleepy shots. How do you get those?

The prime time to get the sleepy shots of the baby is any time before the baby is 11 days old. After this they become a bit more aware of things, this means it is slightly less likely to get them to sleep however, we can still capture cherished memories of your baby for you. We will try to get the sleepy shots if we are able to though. 

16) Do I need to bring anything with me to my baby's photoshoot?

We always recommend that you have extra milk on hand if the baby is bottle-fed. We also suggest that if they use a dummy you bring some so that we can use it to aid in soothing them and remove it before we take the image. 

17) Am I allowed to bring my own props with me to the shoot?

If you wish to bring your own props with you then you are more than welcome to. 

18) Are we allowed to take photos in the studio?

No the only people to take photos in the studio are the photographers. 

19) A family member knitted or made something for my baby can I use this in the photos?

Certainly! We encourage people to bring personal items like this as it makes the photos much more personal. 

20) I'm worried that my baby may mess the props if we do the naked shots?

There is no need to worry about that, as newborn and baby photographers we understand that this may happen. We always have spare blankets and wet wipes ready in case an accident should happen.

21) My baby's skin is quite dry and has a few milk spots can you edit them out?

Yes, we can edit out milk spots, dry/flaky skin, scratch marks. 

22) Will you be holding my baby at all?

As the photographer sometimes we need to move and hold the baby if that is ok with you. We will always ask first. If you are uncomfortable with this for any reason let us know we won't be offended, we will adapt accordingly. 

23) Do you use any sensory aids to help my baby stay calm in the shoot?

Situation depending we will use little fan heaters to keep the studio cozy and warm for the baby, we will also occasionally use white noise. We will also sometimes ask to give a little bit more help to put a blanket from home over the baby's body to help soothe them with the smell of home.

24) Can my older child(ren) be involved in the shoot as well?

Yes depending on what you wish to have we generally allow older siblings and even parents to be involved.