1) Are you a professional framer?

Yes, I am a professional bespoke framer.


2) What does "bespoke framing" mean?


3) What is the largest size that you can frame?


4) Do you frame Jerseys?

Yes we do 

5) Do you frame Canvases & Cross stitch?

Yes, we do. 

6) I saw your medals frames in the window, how much does something like that cost?


7) Do you do glass replacements?

Yes we do glass replacements

8) Will the stuff I am having framed be safe as it's very precious to me?

Yes, the items that you are having frames will be safe with us. 

9) Do you send my items away to be framed?

No, they will not be sent away we do all the framing in house

10) How quickly will my framing be done?

If we have the frame in stock usually between 10-14 working days if we have to order the frame in it may take a bit longer. 

11) What types of glass do you use?

We mainly use a standard 3mm framing glass, however, we also have access to Non-Reflective and UV-Protection glass

12) Can I have perspex instead of glass?

Of course, you can. 

13) How much do I have to pay upfront?

For all orders, a deposit of 50% of the total cost must be paid upfront. 

14) Will my frame be ready to hang on the wall?

Yes, your frame will be ready to hang on the wall, with a strong framers cord. 

15) Are all your frames made of wood?

No, as we have access to over 5000 frames the materials differ. But we have a wide selection of both wood and plastic frames to suit everyone. 

16) Can you frame multiple items in one frame?

Yes, we can frame multiple items in one frame. 

17) Can you stretch Canvases?

 Yes, we can stretch Canvases. 

18) Do you mount and frame memorabilia such as medals?

Yes, we can and often do mount and frame lots of different types of memorabilia. 

19) Can you add wording to my frame?

If you tell us what wording you want we will type it up and insert it into your finished piece. 

20) I am not sure what frame would suit the image best can you help with this?

We would more than happy to talk you through this to help you choose the best frame suited to your home and the item that you are framing.